Thanks to digital transformation, networks are becoming increasingly complex, as are the services delivered by them. Subscribers expect a network that scales to their needs, offers innovative digital services and is highly engaging. To meet this challenge, operators must embark on the journey to be fully digital ready.

Get the benefits of end-to-end network insight with fewer worries.

  • Offload network monitoring, trouble shooting, configuration
  • and optimization
  • Upgrade to an elastic, scalable network
  • Simplify the way your networks are run
  • Nurture the customer journey across all touchpoints

An alternative path with as-a-Service (aaS)

The current mainstream path for operators on this journey involves investing in rapidly changing technologies, and building digital competence in-house to meet the demand. Ericsson is actively investing in technologies, developing products and participating in open source forums to help many of customers who are on this path.

While it is a fully viable path, for operators that are looking to leapfrog the transformation, there is an alternative path emerging: As-a-Service (aaS).